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Jugger is a sport inspired by the Australian-American movie The Salute of the Jugger  (also known as The Blood of Heroes in the US). It is said that the director specifically invented Jugger for the movie. 


The competitive sport version started independently in both Germany and Australia in 1995. Today it is played in more than 20 countries around the world.

Jugger officially came to Colorado in 2013 with a small tournament held between the Aurora Corvus and the Arvada Madness. The Madness would go on to change their name to the Spartans, and along with both the Corvus and the Denver Reapers, formed the Colorado Jugger League in 2014.

The League hosted its first international tournament, the Mile High International, in 2015. It hosted participants from Ireland, Australia, Germany, Arizona, California, Washington, Wyoming, and (of course) Colorado. Each year, the Mile High International (now called the Mile High Open) is held in July/August.


There are currently eight teams that make up the Colorado Jugger League, with more in formation. You can learn about them here.

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